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Air conditioning service in Perth

Fox Refrigeration & Air Conditioning helps everyone keep their cool at work and home. Perth offers sunny, comfortable conditions through most of the year. When the weather stays temperate, it is easy to forget about your heating and cooling system. But when temperatures climb past 40 degrees in January and February, you need these systems running efficiently. 

Let Fox Refrigeration & Air Conditioning maintain your systems so they perform when you need them most. We handle all air conditioning repairs in Perth, from the central business district to the suburbs.
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Service & repairs

We sell and install a range of residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems. Additionally, we complete all kinds of air conditioning repairs for Perth residents and businesses. Our maintenance and repair services include:

- Emergency Repairs: When you experience an unexpected problem, you need prompt, efficient service. Each of our technicians has years of experience and training to ensure we correct the issue as quickly as possible.
- Routine Inspections: To avoid inconveniences in the future, set up a routine inspection and maintenance schedule. Our technicians are happy to evaluate your current system and recommend how often you should have it serviced.

Our experienced technicians work with both the newest systems on the market and some of the oldest units still in use. If your business or home depends on an older system model, rely on Fox Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to keep it running smoothly.

Quality and efficiency

For more than 30 years, we have supplied, installed and maintained heating and cooling systems of all sizes. We thoroughly train our technicians to ensure they can handle even the most sophisticated air conditioning repairs. Our Perth team also retains full insurance.

Whether you need a simple residential system repair or a complex industrial system replacement, contact Fox Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Call us or fill out our online enquiry form today to set up a consultation or get an estimate.
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More than 30 years of industry experience

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