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Do you like to stay cool during the summer? We though so. At Fox Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we offer air conditioning installations in Perth and the surrounding areas for commercial businesses, industries, and residential locations. We provide a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration systems for your home or office comfort. While installing a new system or repairing a current one, our qualified staff works in a professional and timely manner. When we visit your home or office, we will work quickly and quietly -- you will not even know we are there. Our owner has almost 40 years of experience in the industry to provide you with the quality service you expect and deserve.

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Cool your home or office with our air conditioning installations in Perth and the surrounding areas. Click on our services & repairs page to learn more about our services. 
Bring comfort to your home or office and request one of our certified technicians today. Call us at  (08) 9405 6233  to schedule an appointment. You can also email us your enquiries at or fill our the form on the page. 


P.O. Box 1492
Wangara, WA 6947

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We provide professional on-site service

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